First Class Culinary Adventure

CHEF & CHAUFFEUR is British Columbia's pacesetter for first class culinary adventure. From home base in Vancouver, B.C., the city's foremost culinary tastemaker Diana Becker has tailored a selection of B.C.'s most insightful and delicious edible experiences. Join her and fellow foodies between June 1 and October 15 as she takes to the road to explore and share the glorious bounty of this vibrant region from Whistler to the Fraser Valley and the Okanagan.

Designed for affluent, educated, and professional individuals who demand the highest level of quality and service, Becker delivers an exclusive and unparalleled world-class culinary experience.

Pack your appetite and get set to embark on CHEF & CHAUFFEUR's premiere culinary adventure. We've mapped out the best food and wine experiences (all sustainable*) that the B.C. has to offer. You'll sip and sample, as we share insider secrets with you that we've gleaned from trail-blazing local chefs, farmers and fishers, winemakers, and cheese artisans, all of whom produce common things uncommonly well. And later if you choose, a handpicked chef will showcase the day's bounty in a memorable dinner at a renowned Vancouver restaurant or chic cooking studio, paired of course with expressive, emotive regional wines.

We're excited about CHEF & CHAUFFEUR's first class culinary adventure and are bursting to share. We know that culinary tourists are a breed apart. They're questing; they're connecting; they're experiencing each region, each country by what's in their glasses, what's on their plates. We go further; we connect the producers - the people, their passion, and the terroir, the land that nurtures their crops and their animals, to food lovers. We're completing the circle, delivering the ultimate, the CHEF & CHAUFFEUR first class culinary adventure.

* "Sustainability is an economic state where the demands placed upon the environment by people and commerce can be met without reducing the capacity of the environment to provide for future generations. It can also be expressed in the simple terms of an economic golden rule for the restorative economy: leave the world better than you found it, take no more than you need, try not to harm life of the environment, make amends if you do." Paul Hawkin, The Ecology of Commerce.